Firefox Addons & configs

Firefox 自 2011 年後迅速的開發與改版,版本演進相當快。每次的改版都帶來效能或功能性的提昇,好事!
隨著改版與個人習慣改變,有些 Addons 已不再需要。決定捨棄 firefox setting 的更新,整理新的 Addons 與設定。
My Favorites Addons Collection

browser enhance
FireGesturesmouse gestures
QuickDragdrag and go
Cutyfox URL ShortenerURL shortener
iReaderWeb article readability
Adblock Plus
Scriptishuser script engine
Awesome Screenshot - Capture and Annotate

Super Tab Modetab enhancement & management
Download Statusbar
Add-on Collector
RSS Icon In Awesombar

site assist
Read It Later

Firebugintegrates with Firefox to put a wealth of development tools at your fingertips while you browse
Web Developer

FXChromeChrome like theme for Firefox